Housewashing For Kiwis-My Volunteer Work

IMG_0734 Hi Everyone! My name

is Heather Williamson. I live in West Auckland in the country with my daughter and her family. I am placing this request here on my website to see if it will help me to further my door to door work in Wellsford (and then Warkworth)that I have been doing since 2004. It all started in the year 2000 when I couldn’t get a job except for going door to door selling Rawleighs products.I met a lot of sick people which I found was really sad. I prayed for a better job which I needed at the time and got a job selling Medical Alarms for Medi-Alarms. I went door to door selling them and installing them and I needed the Rawleighs products to sell the alarms as I just couldn’t ask straight out if people needed a medical alarm. This job put a desire in me to help these people I continued to find people who need help in my spare time, going door to door as I knew this was my calling. The Lord was leading me every step of the way. He kept on opening and shutting the doors. I couldn’t seem to get other full time employment positions or they just didn’t seem to work out for long. Although I have been a part-time caregiver since 2004.

I find people who are in need. People who need clothes and people who need food.People who are in pain and people who are stressed out. And people who aren’t so well.There are lots of people in those situations everywhere I look.I find it really quite sad- there are a lot of people who are in very sad situations which is out of their control.And in some way I do so want to help them.

The people were so lovely and kind to me in Wellsford as I went door to door. I am now saying this in the past tense because I have been working a lot as a caregiver around Waimauku (where I live) in order to survive and help pay for loans with which I sometimes have got out to help people. After a while I sold other household products instead of the Rawleighs. I have given out over 160 bottles of Coral Calcium which helps to balance the pH which is very important.It is very good for stressed people etc. It comes from the Island of Onekawa, off Japan where they have one of the world’s longest life expectancies. But now to balance the pH I would rather give people a Nano Flask. I have been told that a lot of people in Europe believe that balancing the pH is very important also.I find that when my pH is not balanced I have sleeping problems and I feel more stressed out and lack energy.It can create all sorts of health problems if you are not pH balanced. The Nano Flasks help people with health problems, insomnia, stress and depression etc. I have only given out 8 of them but there are so many people in the community who could greatly benefit from them. I need so many more to give out.

It now makes me sad that I cannot help more people because I have no more funds to do so. Don’t get me wrong. I think that the doctors are doing a wonderful job but sometimes natural things can be very beneficial too.. My church has medical hospitals all over the world.I am a Seventh Day Adventist. You may wonder why we go to church on Saturday. Saturday is the Sabbath day and it is the seventh day as in the Bible. 3ABN or Firstlight is our television channel. I was meeting in a Warkworth building for church worship some years ago but I didn’t have the support then. Maybe one day…. But then having said that- I don’t want people to feel obligated to me.I give and expect nothing in return.No obligation.Absolutely.

I give people the information on the products and ask the people to go and ask their doctors if it works in with their medication.The doctors are not recommending it but are just telling them if it works in with their medication. I have given out over 20 Barley Life containers, about 17 Body Balance bottles, 17 containers of Superfood, paid and sent or taken 9 people to the Orthopedica Clinic in New Lynn for customized innersoles for their feet, personally made for them.These can be good for helping people with pain in their feet, legs, and back.I have given over 18 books called ‘Health Through Motion ‘ by Pete Egoscue which helps people to properly align their body like when they were a child so they don’t have to put up with so much pain.I have given out many, many other health books. High quality Ecoflow Magnets which cost $300 but are just wonderful for helping those with severe pain.I have given out eleven of them so far. I want to give out Foot Chi Patches which very gently clear out toxins while a person sleeps. They also help people to sleep better too.

It is so sad to come across elderly people who cannot walk and who also cannot see very well. I would like to pay someone to do massage for people. If it helps in any way that is good.I have given out 11 machines which help people with their health which cost $174 each . I would really like to give out Cellfood as well. That also balances the pH and is an oxygen supplement.And I would also want to give out pH indicator strips so that people can keep an eye on their pH levels.

I have given out numerous car loads of much needed clothes and house items from kind people who donated.Julie from the AnimalShelter in the Brynderwyns has helped me a lot in the past with giving these items for people too. And I did get council permission and went to the businesses of Warkworth and Wellsford and asked for donations for Food Relief for the families and people in need of it.The businesses were very kind and donated to keep Food Relief going while I did it.

I would like to add that the power of intercessory prayer is so amazing too. I was inspired by the book -Incredible Answers To Prayer-By Roger Morneau.You can recieve that book for free at

I would like to continue to do all of this voluntary work.I know it is the Lord’s calling for me. He has compassion and love for every individual person in the communities. I am not as blessed if I do not continue to do it. It is my calling. I only follow His leading step by step, dream by dream, circumstance by circumstance. He has been opening and shutting doors for a long time now. But it makes life very interesting. And I enjoy helping people in this way anyway. I do not like to see people suffering. And there are still so many people to help but I have now run out of money. I feel if these things help myself it can help others as well.

How did I afford to do this? The Lord does not normally require us to sell our properties to help others but I was meant to subdivide our 32 acre property with a large 4 bedroom modern home back in 2006 but I didn’t get around to it. I think I was meant to keep subdividing in order to keep doing it. The Lord blesses when we give. I was meant to subdivide but never mind. The Lord always has a plan B. I also had to give my daughter and son in law a large amount because my son in law was very sick and ended up in hospital.His job was very stressful and it was just when the recession started. For a year they needed help. So yes now my funds are just not there to keep going with the door to door work at Wellsford. I have now run out of money in order to continue. I did have loans to service but the Lord helped me to pay them all off after my father died .I do have some debt now but that is fine.The Lord will help. I do not like to blow my trumpet with what I am doing for people. I would much rather continue quietly doing this. But I need some help.

How can you help? I am not asking for donations at all. I would rather work or use my own funds myself. If you need any housewashing done I am starting a Housewashing or waterblasting and softwash business called ‘Housewashing For Kiwis’.I also do part time caregiving so I aim to give 100% of the profits from the housewashing towards buying products for people.My phone number is 09 4117717 or 0274117717 if you need any type of that work done. I have full confidence that the Lord will help me through kind and helpful people like you who need some housewashing done. And God is good! Thank you for helping me with my volunteer work and may God Bless You too. Kind regards Heather Williamson.

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